A partnership agreement is an essential part of running a partnership, stating the exact responsibilities and requirements of members or partners. An important part of a partnership agreement is establishing how the partnership capital is to be dealt with, as well as the profit distribution of the partnership.

With many business disputes arising as a result of disagreements over the amount of time or money being put into the partnership, having this agreement in place is a major step towards avoiding damaging disagreements. Ralli can provide support on how to put together a solid partnership agreement, as well as how to correctly define partnership property.

Importance of a partnership agreement

As aforementioned, a partnership agreement is a key consideration when building the foundations of a strong business partnership. The ability to work together positively is absolutely essential if your business is to succeed, making such considerations as determining partnership capital and profit share extremely important.

The success of your business is absolutely vital, which is why you should give it the best possible chance of success by establishing a strong and comprehensive partnership agreement. Depending on the nature of your business and how many individuals make up the partnership, there are a number of key different considerations to go into a partnership agreement. Ralli have advised on countless different partnerships over the years, giving us the experience and knowledge you need to make the best possible choices.

Partnership capital advice from Ralli

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