The requirements of a medical partnership are naturally somewhat different to those of a standard partnership or LLP. The nature of the work undertaken by the medical profession, as well as the pressure they work under, means that special considerations must be factored into all major decisions.

Many partnership law solicitors specialise in advising medical partnership agreements. They will advise the business on who can be a partner and outline how to draw up an agreement to accommodate the addition of new partners.

Retirements are another key issue faced by medical partnerships. It is advisable to draw up an agreement which will put processes in place to deal with this, as if the issue is ignored it may mean that a GP cannot retire without dissolving the partnership.

Another common issue is a change of premises for the medical partnership. Once again, any medical partnership should have an agreement drawn up to help prepare for this in order to avoid any disputes or delays disrupting the process.

Resolving medical partnership disputes

Of course, just as in any other partnership, there may be occasions where the organisation deems it necessary to suspend or expel a partner. These matters may sometimes be further complicated by ongoing medical negligence or malpractice cases, while the importance of making a distinction between personal and partnership property is highlighted here.

Partnership law solicitors can help the medical practitioner concerned reach a settlement with their fellow partners, as well as advising them on how to approach joining a new partnership where appropriate.

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